Supporting innovation and business development

Kunnskapsparken Nord is a business incubator specializing in the petroleum industry. We assist companies developing business strategies and commercializing new products. Our main goal is to promote the development of suppliers to the growing petroleum industry in the Barents Sea and northern parts of the Norwegian Sea.

We are a part of the national incubator program run by SIVA (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway). We have partnership agreements and joint projects with several business incubators in Norway and with Petro Arctic, a network of suppliers for the petroleum industry in northern Norway.

Our largest shareholders include important national and international petroleum companies, like Statoil, Total and DNV-GL. These shareholders contribute with network and important commercial and technical expertise to our projects and customers.

To our customers, we offer:
• petroleum industry expertise and network
• knowledge of business development in Northern Norway
• project management
• industrial and business development
• recruitment programs

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