We extend the working life of your electrical machinery

Teknor has for many years been in the forefront of electromechanical companies in Norway. Now we have become even stronger through merging with Karsten Moholt whom is one of the world’s leading companies in electromechanical technology for electrical machinery.

We rewind, maintain, repair and sell all kinds of electrical machinery, frequency converters, and control systems. Teknor carry out projects in the Harstad workshop or in the field according to customers’ requirements.

We can also offer Teknor VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation), the best possible way to increase service life for your electrical machinery. Generators and motors offshore as well as locomotives are good examples where customers have experienced that the Teknor VPI-treatment increases service life and lower the cost of operation.

We have 16 employees with a high level of competence, and for larger projects we can draw on recources from Karsten Moholt if required.

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